Philippine Wedding Customs

Philippine Wedding Customs

Long-held practices are a great way to include a feeling of heritage into the wedding day. Right from a bride’s Filipino veil that symbolizes unity to arras de matrimonio (wedding coins), these types of meaningful traditions are sure to choose a ceremony feel extra special.

Parent Blessings

One of the important parts of a Filipino marriage ceremony is the parental benefit. A wedding service where the couple demands their father and mother to bless them is normally something that has been component to Filipino culture since its invention.

Grain Showers

A custom that is thrown over the newlyweds as they get away the hot filipino women church and enter the reception, rice is symbolic of wealth and good fortune. Usually, the embryon were thrown within the couple by priestesses to ensure they would always be blessed with abundant bounty harvests and good fortune in their fresh lives jointly.

Money Dance

The amount of money dance may be a fun and interactive way to incorporate some classic Filipino elements into your wedding. Friends pin money onto the bride and bridegroom as they dance, which is seen as being a sign great fortune.

Veil Beneficiaries

The position of beneficiaries in a Philippine wedding has commonalities to godparents, with honorable tasks assigned to members for the couple’s extended family who’ve been significant through their lives. These are referred to as ‘Principal Sponsors’ and ‘Secondary Sponsors’ and they sign up for the few in the prayers of blessing.

Barong Dress up

The bride’s clothes is normally a regular white wedding dress and veil, with the bridegroom in a very barong, a conventional hand-embroidered formal top made from jusi or ananas cloth. These types of dresses will be popular among the bridesmaids and can make a different addition to wedding event wardrobe.

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